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March 17, 2010
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PLEASE READ THIS. by whatshername13 PLEASE READ THIS. by whatshername13
thank god.

i did not come up with this, i only made the design and thought i'd share so that people would see how fortunate they are.

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Given 2010-03-20
PLEASE READ THIS. by *whatshername13 I can guarantee you that by reading this, you'll feel so happy about being alive and not having these/most of these issues to deal with. ( Suggested by HappyAggro and Featured by Sander-Seto )
It helps you to stop whining and complaining about the heaps of work you have to cope with :p.
SpeedofSoundRunner24 Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So very true. Haveing little is better than haveing nothing.
There are times when I feel like letting the world crash down on me and end. But this message made me think of all the little things and how to enjoy life. Thanks.
Really, really good & so true!!!
hellhoundp2k Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
This poster is extremely well done. It's very well designed and impactful, and gets the message across effectively.

However ... I'm confused. I know this was published more than two years ago, but I'd like to know where most of this data came from.

For example, using Wolfram|Alpha (, we may easily discern that the current amount of people over 15 who are illiterate (cannot read) is actually only 725 million.

The other stats I'm honestly not sure of; though I assume that they may be inaccurate as well.

This poster, while effective, would certainly, in my opinion be more effective with accurate statistics. :) Just some constructive criticism for you.

Thanks for sharing this awesome piece.
Rhissanna Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Brilliant. And yes, first of charities I give to is literacy. It's the one cause that makes a difference across the board. I live in Arkansas and yes, the adult illiteracy here isn't just a regional joke. It's real and it's ugly. Thank you for this poster. It's made me feel good and awful all at the same time.
This is an amazing poster, and it's amazingly structured. However, I see one error with the information contained in it, and that error sticks out too much for me to ignore it.

The poster comes in English. That means that if you can read the poster, you can read in English. But if you don't know how to read in English, you can't read the poster. Since the poster tells you that you're fortunate if you can read the message, does that mean that you're not fortunate if you don't know English even if you know how to read in any other language?

The message is wonderful, but I'd feel terrible if I didn't try to help you make it accurate.
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